2021 OpenID Foundation New Corporate Member Representative Election Results

Published June 8, 2021

Thank you to all Corporate members who voted in the new 2021 OpenID Foundation Corporate Member Representative election.

Each year, Corporate members of the OpenID Foundation elect a member to represent them on the board. Ashish Jain was elected by Corporate members during the 2021 elections that were conducted in January 2021. Ashish was at eBay at the time of his nomination and being elected but soon after left eBay and joined Arkose Labs at Chief Product Officer. Arkose Labs then joined the Foundation.

The Foundation’s bylaws Section 5.4(e) provides that vacancies in the Board of Directors “(e) of a corporate director due to the resignation … of such director, shall be filled in an election by the corporate members …”

Per the bylaws, the Foundation conducted a new election with a request for nominations. All Corporate members were eligible to nominate and vote for candidates with Ashish Jain and Dale Olds with VMware nominating themselves for this new election.

I am very pleased to welcome Ashish Jain, Chief Product Officer at Arkose Labs, to the Board as Corporate Member Representative. Ashish served on the Foundation board in the past and has been a contributor over the years.

I would like to thank Dale Olds of VMware, for his continued support of the Foundation and participating in this most recent election. Dale served as the Corporate Member Representative for the last few years and like so many in our community, I appreciate his contributions to the Foundation and the community at large.

I want to thank all Foundation board of directors for their service and contributions to the OpenID Foundation.


Gail Hodges
Executive Director
OpenID Foundation