Announcing OpenID Foundation Sessions at the FIDO Member Plenary on Thursday, October 21, 2021

Published October 11, 2021
The OpenID Foundation is pleased to be a part of the FIDO Alliance Member Plenary agenda next Thursday, October 21st. The Plenary follows the FIDO Alliance’s Authenticate 2021 Conference that takes place Monday, October 18th through Wednesday, October 20th. Both events are being hosted at the Motif Hotel in Seattle. OpenID Foundation Secretary and Microsoft Standards Architect, Dr. Michael Jones, will kick things off for the Foundation on Thursday by addressing the full Member Plenary highlighting the linkages between OIDF and FIDO standards followed by introducing the three OIDF breakout sessions that all Plenary participants are welcome to attend. Please note that virtual attendance for the Plenary and OIDF sessions is free. On the FIDO Authenticate enrollment website, participants who only wish to attend the Plenary and OIDF sessions select “Plenary remote only” and there is no fee. Fees only apply to attend the Authenticate 2021 Conference remotely or attend in person. OpenID Foundation members please check your inbox as special offers to attend Authenticate and/or the Plenary have been sent.Registration is required to access the virtual participation information and vaccination is required for in person attendance.

OIDF Sessions at FIDO Member Plenary on Thursday, October 21, 2021

Session: Plenary All Member 9:00-10:00 am PT

Presenter: Dr. Michael Jones, Standards Architect at Microsoft and OpenID Foundation Secretary. Two session objectives:
  1. Explain linkages between FIDO and OIDF standards
  2. Introduce 3 OIDF sessions to follow that afternoon, welcome plenary participant attendance.

Session: “The Global Assured Identity Network & the OpenID Foundation Proof of Concept: Building an Assured Identity Layer for the Internet” 10:30am-12:00 pm PT open session (all welcome)

  • Don Thibeau, Non-Executive Director, OpenID Foundation
  • Donna Beatty, Co-Chair GAIN POC, Open ID Foundation
Session Description: The Globally Assured Identity Network White Paper was extraordinary effort of 150 co authors who proposed a pragmatic approach to the burning business problem of the international interoperability of digital identity. The presenters will describe the follow up to the GAIN initiative and why FIDO Alliance members might be interested. They will introduce the GAIN Proof of Concept (PoC) and global community input to help shape the PoC and maximize benefit for all participants and supporters. For More Information:  

Session: “How to bring Mobile driving licenses to the web & apps” 1:30-3:00 pm PT open session (all welcome)

  • Kristina Yasuda, Microsoft, Identity Standards Architect
  • David Kelts, Get Group North America, Director of Product
Session Description: As governments start to issue digital versions of their driving licenses, national IDs and passports, we anticipate demand by relying parties to be able to accept them both in the real world (TSA checkpoints, bars, retailers, & beyond) and on the web and in apps too. How will this work? We welcome the community to join for a rich discussion to learn about the current landscape and established standards (e.g. ISO 18013-5 and Open ID Connect SIOP), and what we might expect from standards in development like ISO18013-7 and ISO 23220. Where is the line between standards and private company services providing OS services? How can the community facilitate scale adoption, to realize the ecosystem wide benefits more swiftly? We will also discuss the linkages between mobile driving licenses, verifiable credentials, and self sovereign identities, and where they converge and compete. For More Information:  

Session: Introducing Shared Signals & Events: A standard to fight fraud in an interconnected, “API-first” world 5:00-5:45 pm PT open session (all welcome)

  • Annabelle Backman, Amazon Web Services, Principal Security Engineer
  • Tim Capalli, Microsoft, Digital Identity Standards Architect
Session Description: Join us to learn about how this new open standard fights fraud, securely and privately, through the sharing of security events, state changes, and other signals between related and/or dependent systems. With this standard you can:
  • Manage access to resources and enforce access control restrictions across distributed services operating in a dynamic environment.
  • Prevent malicious actors from leveraging compromises of accounts, devices, services, endpoints, or other principals or resources to gain unauthorized access to additional systems or resources.
  • Enable users, administrators, and service providers to coordinate in order to detect and respond to incidents.
For More Information: PLEASE NOTE! The OIDF Shared Signals and Events WG will carry on with a Closed Session (invitation only) from 5:45-6:30pm PT to discuss strategy so a subgroup will stay in the room and on Zoom.