Announcing the OIDF iGov Working Group

Published October 22, 2015
A recent US NIST announcement describes the newly formed OIDF International Government Assurance Profile (iGov) Working Group which is an international public and private sector collaboration that will develop an interoperable profile of OpenID Connect to allow users to authenticate and share consented attribute information in a consistent and user-centric manner. With over 10 international governments and multiple private sector organizations already participating, iGov will help enable secure and privacy-enhancing authentication and authorization transactions based on common requirements from the global community. The iGov WG Page is set up at: The link to subscribe to the mailing list is: Those interested in participating will need to submit signed IPR agreements indicating the iGov Profile WG. The link to the IPR agreement is at The IPR agreement can be submitted online via DocuSign. IPR agreements have been received from NIST, Ping, and Microsoft. Once interested parties and OIDF members have signed up they will need to approve the iGov charter. Document contributions to the Working group should be sent to the mailing list, and then can be added to our official document repository.