BBC Joins OpenID Foundation

Published April 22, 2008
This week (April 22, 2008) the BBC Internet Blog informed readers it has become a member of the OpenID Foundation. Naturally this is exciting news and another indication of how OpenID has the clear potential and momentum to provide great value to users everywhere around the globe. BBC is one of, if not indeed, the single most trusted and internationally esteemed news organizations serving the public around the world today. "... People have been speculating about the BBC's attitude towards OpenID for a while. And getting identity right is key to our future plans and with that in mind we are looking very seriously at how the increasing number of data portability technologies could and should work for the BBC. OpenID, being a shared identity service, is part of that mix and is already starting to gain adoption amongst leading technology companies and the BBC is (I think!) the first large media company to join the likes of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and IBM in the foundation. This means that we can share our future plans, show support and contribute to existing OpenID technical and marketing work groups."