Global Assured Identity Network White Paper

Published September 20, 2021

The Global Assured Identity Network White Paper was the centerpiece of the OpenID Foundation’s  Chairman Nat Sakimura’s keynote at the European Identity Conference just a few days ago. His presentation can be found at Nat describes GAIN as an overlay network on top of the Internet with all its participants identity proofed. One key benefit of the approach proposed in the white paper is that the standards required to enable this network already exist: OpenID Connect and eKYC/IDA.

The White Paper was a “no logo, pro bono, open source” collaboration of over 150 co-authors including many members of the OpenID Foundation. It’s well on its way to achieving its goal of generating a community wide discussion on the business, technical and legal requirements for pragmatic international interoperability.

One of our newest members and GAIN co author, Donna Beatty will co-lead the OpenID Foundation’s GAIN Technical Proof of Concept with Dr. Torsten Lodderstedt. Until recently Donna, was Executive Director, Digital Identity and Authentication, JPMorgan Chase and is a widely recognized technical, regulatory and business domain expert. Donna and Torsten are now organizing participation and processes to test the technical approach described in the White Paper.  Interested parties should contact for more information.

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Don Thibeau
Non-Executive Director OIDF