OpenID Foundation Contribution Agreements

To ensure that OpenID Foundation community develops specifications that are freely implementable, the Foundation requires all contributors to sign its standard form Contribution Agreement. The Contribution Agreement incorporates by reference both the OpenID Intellectual Property Rights Policy (IPR Policy) and the OpenID Process Document

The OpenID Intellectual Property Rights Policy defines the intellectual property rights and obligations of Contributors and specifies certain procedures relating to Contributions proposed to the OpenID Foundation for the creation of Specifications and the generation of Implementers Drafts and Final Specifications as outlined in the OpenID Process DocumentThe OpenID IPR Policy also includes a grant to the Foundation and others of a copyright license in all Contributions submitted by the contributor, as well as a patent non-assertion agreement. Both the copyright license and the patent non-assertion agreement are critically important for ensuring that the contributor does not have a basis for bringing a legal claim against others for implementing OpenID specifications.

Accordingly, please note that the OpenID Foundation does not accept any changes to the Contribution Agreement, the IPR Policy, or the Process Document. Because of the need for all work group contributors and all specification users to be subject to the same rights and obligations, and to provide assurance and clarity regarding those rights and obligations, it is critically important that all work group contributors agree to and are governed by the same terms regarding the issues covered by those documents.

Contribution Agreement

Complete the OpenID Foundation
Contribution Agreement electronically.

Contribution Agreement

Complete the OpenID Foundation
Contribution Agreement by paper.

Additionally, review the OpenID Meeting “Note Well” Statement – OpenID Meeting “Note Well” Statement – PDF

Please email completed hardcopy PDF agreements to


On March 1, 2012, the OIDF board unanimously approved a statement for inclusion in specifications whereby the OIDF explicitly grants a license to implementers. The board also reaffirmed that under the IPR policy, the patent promise applies only to the working groups listed in the IPR contribution agreements and not to all work of the foundation. This was a reaffirmation and not a change to the IPR policy.

Specification License Out Resolutions

Board Approved March 1, 2012

Patent Promise Limitation Affirmation

Board Approved March 1, 2012

Executed Contribution Agreements

This page contains a list of companies, entities, and individuals that have executed one or more Intellectual Property Contribution Agreements. If you require a copy or proof of agreement, please email to obtain more information.