OpenID Foundation 2012 Community Board Member Election Results

Published February 14, 2012
Thanks to all who voted for the board members who will represent the OpenID community at large for the next two years.  Having received the two highest number of votes cast, Greg Keegstra and Axel Nennker have been elected to two years terms.  Greg is new to the board and brings a fresh eye to OpenID marketing and outreach.  Axel is a returning community board member, bringing his technical expertise in mobile identity research and an informed European perspective to the Foundation.  They join current community representatives John Bradley, Mike Jones, Nat Sakimura, and Kick Willemse, serving the second years of their terms. Their leadership, together with sustaining member company representatives; Pam Dingle of Ping Identity, Farhang Kassaei of PayPal, Tony Nadalin of Microsoft, Nico Popp of Symantec, and Eric Sachs of Google was important to the success of last years OpenID Connect Summits.   This is a good time to thank Brian Kissel, Chris Messina, and Allen Tom for their service to the Foundation and the OpenID community.  Brian's leadership as Chairman of the Board was crucial to managing the Foundation's transition from its community roots to where we are today. Chris Messina's marketing sense and Allen Tom's technical chops went a long way towards maintaining OIDF's user centric perspective and industry influence. Last year, Dave Recordon and I often talked about how the OpenID Foundation should evolve.  My view was that OpenID does indeed have a "second act" and that the Foundation's leadership of open identity standards development is important in a rapidly changing internet identity ecosystem. The sponsorship and attendance at the OpenID Summits, the hard work of the OpenID Connect WG and the promise of "Account Chooser" all indicate there is much to do and look forward to in 2012. It will be a pivotal year for OpenID and digital identity. The new board's first meeting on March 1 will consider long term operational and strategic issues. Feel free to make your thoughts known on this list, by contacting community representatives or me. 106 members voted in this election, casting a total of 151 votes.  The results (in order of votes received) were:
  • Greg Keegstra                   66
  • Axel Nennker                    33
  • George Fletcher                28
  • Sébastien Brault                12
  • Patrice Vuillard                 6
  • Yosef Vuillard                    6
  • David Marceau                   0
Don Thibeau Executive Director The OpenID Foundation