OpenID Foundation Publishes “The Global Open Health Movement: Empowering People and Saving Lives by Unlocking Data” Whitepaper

Published July 22, 2022

The OpenID Foundation is pleased to share their 1st Editor’s Draft of the whitepaper, “The Global Open Health Movement: Empowering People and Saving Lives by Unlocking Data”.  This whitepaper has been written for technologists in the public and private health sectors that are trying to deliver “Open Health”, by helping people to securely access and share health data interoperability and improve health outcomes.

The whitepaper offers an overview of the global health sector privacy and security landscape and introduces similar work from outside the health domain with health experts. One key hypothesis we will test is that existing Open Banking and other Open Data standards, like FAPI, could help the health community deliver on their Open Health goals more quickly.

If this hypothesis is proven true, and existing standards can expedite the delivery of Open Health faster, that could mean improved quality of patient lives and lives saved. These are profoundly important outcomes, and we hope this whitepaper will help inform the health sector’s due diligence process. If health technologists would select OpenID Foundation standards, the OpenID Foundation community looks forward to working with health technologists to close any standards gaps and adapt conformance processes.

The whitepaper can be downloaded here. We warmly welcome comments from the global community to ensure we accurately represent the health and identity landscape and how standards can meet the health community’s goals. We encourage you to share it and welcome feedback directed to by August 26th to inform the final paper, targeted for publication in September 2022.