OpenID® Trademark and Service Mark License

Published November 15, 2013
The OIDF board recently voted to adopt an OpenID Trademark and Service Mark License policy. The following are some of the guidelines regarding acceptable uses of OIDF trademarks outlined in the license:
  • The owner of OIDF marks must be clearly identified as the "OpenID Foundation". For example, "OpenID® is a trademark (registered in numerous countries) of the OpenID Foundation”.
  • To describe or reference OIDF specifications, documents, software, or other products listed at the OIDF web sites
  • To describe non-OIDF products that implement the required features and operations of OIDF Products. Required features and operations are defined within specifications. Representations that products or services comply with OIDF specifications must clearly indicate that the representations are made by the licensee and not by the OIDF
  • OIDF Trademarks must be used in a way that accurately reflects the status associated with the OIDF Products. The status of an OIDF document describes the context in which the product was developed including the publication date, intellectual property disclosures (e.g., copyright or patent terms), location (URI), its publication level (Draft, Implementer’s Draft, Final Specification, Note, Whitepaper), and future expectations regarding OIDF Products
  • OIDF Trademarks may not be used to indicate any kind of endorsement by the OIDF, official status with respect to the OIDF, or any kind of relationship with the OIDF aside from a representation that the above requirements have been met.
  • OIDF will audit the use of the OIDF trademarks to determine compliance with these terms of the license
  • No right to create modifications or derivatives of OIDF Trademarks is granted pursuant to the license
Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the OIDF trademark license and policies. Regards, Don Thibeau OIDF Executive Director