Opportunity to Join the OpenID Foundation Certification Team

Published October 1, 2021

The OpenID Foundation is pleased to announce that it is looking to add a part-time member to the successful OpenID Certification program team. The OpenID Foundation enables deployments of OpenID Connect and the Financial-grade API (FAPI) to be certified to specific conformance profiles to promote interoperability among implementations. Later in 2021, the Foundation will be adding eKYC & IDA conformance tests and certifications to the program. The certification process utilizes self-certification and conformance test suites developed by the Foundation.

The Foundation is seeking a consultant (contractor) to join the team on a part-time basis. This team member will provide development, maintenance, and support services to the program that include but are not limited to implementing new tests, addressing conformance suite bugs, and responding to and processing certification requests.


  • Experience with Java or a similar language (willingness to learn more Java)
  • Knowledge of OAuth 2 / OpenID Connect / Financial-grade API (FAPI) / JWTs (with an interest in becoming an expert on these standards)
  • Experience participating in relevant working groups (e.g. IETF OAuth, OpenID Connect and/or FAPI)
  • Experience with the OpenID Certification conformance suite is ideal
  • An interest in security & interoperability


  • Development tasks such as:
    • Developing new test modules
    • Updating existing conformance tests when changes to the specs are approved
    • Extending the FAPI conformance tests to work against servers in new ecosystems including to adding additional security / interoperability checks
  • Undertaking more extensive development tasks including developing conformance tests for previously untested specifications
  • Reviewing code changes done by other team members
    • Pushing new versions to production as/when necessary & writing release notes
  • Responding to queries sent to the certification team mailing list
  • Processing submitted certification requests
  • Investigating / fixing reported bugs in the conformance suite
  • Attending OIDF working group calls as/when necessary
  • Attending 1 hour virtual team call every 2 weeks

If this opportunity is of interest, please send your resume and cover letter to certification@oidf.org. Please include in your cover letter how your skills and experience align to the requirements outlined above, your availability on a part-time basis, and your hourly rate.