Registration Open for OpenID Foundation Virtual Workshop — April 29, 2021

Published March 1, 2021
Workshop Overview

OpenID Foundation Workshops provide technical insight and influence on current Internet identity standards.

This workshop will provide updates on all active OpenID Foundation Working Groups as well the OpenID Certification Program. The workshop also highlights the Foundation's partnership with the CARIN Alliance that is focused on enabling a digital identity ecosystem for US healthcare and specifically the role of OpenID Connect and Connect certification in trust frameworks in Medicare and Medicaid. And Kristina Yasuda's presentation on Self-issued OpenID Provider (SIOP) will include background on the Foundation's collaboration with the Distributed Identity Foundation (DIF) on these efforts.

Technologists from member organizations and others will provide updates on key issues and discuss how they help meet social, enterprise and government Internet identity challenges.

  Workshop Details WHEN: Thursday, April 29, 2021 — 9am-11:45am PT REGISTRATION REQUIRED:  Workshop Agenda
9:00-9:05 Welcome & Introduction Nat Sakimura & Don Thibeau – OpenID Foundation
9:05-9:20 Self-issued OpenID Provider (SIOP) Update – Collaborating with the Decentralized Identity Foundation Kristina Yasuda -- Microsoft
9:20-9:35 WG Update – Financial-grade API Dave Tonge - MoneyHub
9:35-9:50 WG Update - eKYC-IDA Mark Haine – Considrd Consulting
9:50-10:05 OpenID Certification Program Update Joseph Heenan – Authlete
10:05-10:20 OpenID Foundation & the CARIN Alliance: Enabling a Digital Identity Infrastructure for US Healthcare Ryan Howells – CARIN Alliance  
10:20-10:35 Introducing Gail Hodges – our new Executive Director Gail Hodges
10:35-10:50 WG Update - AB/Connect Michael Jones – Microsoft
10:50-11:05 Update on Google’s Web Tracking Initiative Heather Flanagan – Spherical Cow Consulting Tim Cappalli – Microsoft Sam Goto – Google
11:05-11:20 WG Update - Fast Federation (FastFed) Darin McAdams – Amazon
11:20-11:35 WG Update - MODRNA (Mobile OpenID Connect Profile) Bjorn Hjelm – Verizon  
11:35-11:50 WG Update - Shared Signals & Events Atul Tulshibagwale – Google  
11:50-12:00 Open Q&A Session and Closing Remarks Nat Sakimura & Don Thibeau – OpenID Foundation
Please note that the workshop will be recorded and available for playback on the OpenID Foundation website.