SourceForge Allows OpenID Logins

Published May 1, 2008
If you use open source software then you've probably heard about SourceForge before.  If you develop open source software then you've probably even used some of their infrastructure in the past.  Today they've made it even easier to login to SourceForge with OpenID. isn't acting as an OpenID Provider but rather is accepting OpenID logins; this is a good thing and reinforces the trend of sites like Ma.gnolia only accepting OpenID logins. In their announcement OpenID on they say, "OpenID is getting tremendous traction and we’re happy to be jumping into it. it’s bringing us back in touch with fresh web (2.0) technology. as a decentralized open-source standard, it’s a perfect fit for us - it allows us to streamline more user interaction and participation with our site, and hopefully more for the whole OSS community."  As Steven Osborn points out, is now one of the most prominent single sites that accepts OpenID to login.  Steven also goes on to talk about some of the more advanced things SourceForge allows you to do with your OpenID if you do wish to use your profile URL as an OpenID too. Congratulations SourceForge for continuing to help get OpenID in the hands of open source developers on a daily basis!