OpenID Foundation Announces FAPI-RW App2app Certification Launched

Global interoperability, a common cause among many national and industry groups, seems especially urgent these days, especially in matters of security. Interop requires open standards, a “best idea wins” debate among experts and patience, lots of patience. The Financial-Grade API Working Group has a singular focus on developing its security profile as a complementary component […]

FDX’s Financial-Grade API Security Specification v3.4 Supports the FAPI 1.0 Advanced and CIBA Standards

The OpenID Foundation is delighted see the Financial Data Exchange’s recent announcement that  FDX’s Financial-Grade API Security Specification v3.4 (companion to FDX API v5) supports the FAPI 1.0 Advanced and CIBA standards: “Alignment with Globally Interoperable Standards – The FDX API Security Specification v3.4 now references, supports and recommends utilization of the OpenID Foundation’s Financial-grade API […]

Standards Adoption and the Adoption of Standards – Financial-grade API (FAPI) 1.0 Final Specifications Published

I’m pleased to announce that the OpenID Foundation has published the Financial-grade API (FAPI) Parts 1.0 and 2.0 final specifications. This is a true accomplishment for open banking initiatives worldwide. The Foundation couldn’t have reached this important milestone with the FAPI specification without the leadership of the FAPI Working Group led by Chairman Nat Sakimura, Anoop […]