Welcoming New OpenID Foundation Vice-Chairman

Published October 16, 2019
Before I welcome our new Vice-Chairman, on behalf of the OpenID Foundation, I would like to thank Adam Dawes of Google who has served on the Board of Directors for years as Vice-Chairman. Adam’s contributions to the board, the community and his leadership of Working Groups, most recently the groundbreaking work of RISC, are much appreciated. We are pleased to welcome Filip Verley, as Google’s new representative to the Board. The Board unanimously agreed at the recent board meeting on September 30, 2019 that Bjorn Hjelm serve as Acting Vice-Chairman until the next election of officers at our annual board meeting on February 26, 2020. Bjorn has represented Verizon on the Board for years and continues a long history of Verizon’s support of the Foundation. Bjorn is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in Verizon Corporate Technology organization with over 20 years of experience in network planning, architecture, and implementation of advanced communication systems. He is currently involved in various Mobile Identity projects as well as representing Verizon in several industry organizations, initiatives, and standards development related to Identity and Access Management including the OpenID Foundation’s MODRNA Working Group. He has been published in several industry publications and holds multiple patents in the areas of wireless communication, security, and identity management. On behalf of the OpenID Foundation board of directors, please join me in welcoming Bjorn as Vice-Chairman and thanking Verizon for its continued leadership in the Foundation.   Don Thibeau Executive Director